Welcome to the website of Las Cavenes Roman gold mine visitor centre. The centre is located next to the extraction area where Romans mined gold during the 1st and 2nd centuries BC, in an impressive location at the foot of the Sierra de Francia mountain range.

The centre has two halls where you can get to know the different shapes gold takes in nature or discover its numerous properties, properties which, since early prehistoric times right up to today, have made it the object of man’s desire. The visit will allow you to understand in great detail how these mines were operated during the Roman era, through the interpretation panels or the large-size mock up, bringing you closer to the techniques used to extract gold from the soil of Las Cavenes.

Once you have completed the visit you can walk along the signposted routes that start at the centre and take you to the extraction area, where you will enjoy, first-hand, the landscape created by these mining works, which today forms the archaeological site of Las Cavenes, declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 2002.



This trail takes us on a pleasant walk to one of the numerous extraction areas of the Las Cavenes mine. The interpretation panels will help us to understand and interpret the landscape surrounding the mining extraction areas developed here in Roman times.

The itinerary, which starts and ends next to the Interpretation Centre, takes us into an oak forest where the traces left by the Roman mines are visible, along with other elements of great environmental value. There are two options on this route: a shorter trail, 1.9 km long, which leads us directly to the interpreted mining area; and a longer one, 2.75 km long, which brings us first to an area with some extremely valuable environmental elements, such as a centenary chestnut tree or a natural pond, before ending up at the interpreted mining area.

Both trails are easy with no steep elevation gains, although some parts of the road surface are uneven. The path is signposted along the entire route with interpretation panels in the most important places.



Both the Interpretation Centre and the trail have contents adapted for people with different abilities.

Inside the Centre, all the exhibition areas have accessible panels that offer content in Braille. Audio guides are available in Spanish and English by scanning a QR code with your smartphone, as well as signoguides and documents adapted for people with reading comprehension problems (easy reading). The Centre’s floors are equipped with special markings to guide blind people.

The contents of the interpretation panels along the trail through the ancient mining area are available in Braille and there are QR codes to download audio guides in Spanish and English. There is also an adapted children’s version, signoguides and content in easy reading format.